Plan Your Goals with Shape Up & Go!TM

Over 23,000 Cleveland Clinic employees and almost 6,000 teams have joined Shape Up & Go!TM since the program launched in 2009. By joining forces with your co-workers, many of you have used this fun, interactive fitness challenge to achieve your wellness goals.

Shape Up & Go!TM teams compete over 12 weeks to see who will walk the most pedometer steps, exercise the most minutes and lose the biggest percentage of weight. You don't have to be part of a team to participate-individuals can join, too, and self-motivate to pursue a healthier lifestyle while having fun!

How to Join

  • Register online or by phone at 1.877.881.0085 no later than September 25th (no computer needed to participate).
  • Fill out your profile, including goals and interests.
  • Form a team with 5-11 co-workers and choose a team captain. Teams from previous competitions can stay together and even invite new teammates to join!
  • Individuals can join, but only team standings will be determined.
  • Teams must have 5 or more members entered in a competition category to calculate standings, however each team member can still track personal progress in that division.
  • Choose one, two or all three categories to compete in:
    • Pedometer Steps
    • Exercise Minutes
    • Weight Loss Percentage
  • Tracking these can help increase your awareness of what you are eating:
    • Cups of Fruits & Vegetables
  • Pay the registration fee via one-time payroll deduction or credit card, and get a personal web page to track your success, connect with coworkers and see the team standings!
  • Repeat participants are encouraged to use their pedometers from prior challenges. You can also download and print a logbook online.

Your Welcome Kit will arrive 10 days after you register and will include:

  • Competition Logbook: Pocket-sized and convenient. You can record your steps, exercise weight and your daily fruit & veggie intake!
    • 2011 participants can choose one of these:
    • Omron Pedometer with leash; OR
    • Go! to Sleep — an online sleeping program developed by Cleveland Clinic Wellness.
    • Special cooling performance shirt commemorating the Clinic's 90th anniversary celebration and the 2011 Healthy Living Innovation Award from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for Shape Up and Go!

    Special cooling performance shirt

What to Do on the First Day - Monday, September 12th

  • Visit http://www.shapeupandgo.org/, login with your username and password and set your goals. (Check with your team to make sure they do this, too.) No computer? Call our customer support at 1-877-881-0085.
  • Put your pedometer on first thing in the morning and keep it on until you go to bed at night. All steps count towards your progress.
  • Make a plan to get moving! Walking your hospital or health center campus, jogging in the park or rollerblading with your iPod will help you reach your goals.
  • Create ways to add more fruits and veggies into your daily diet. Be creative! And email your tips to:support@shapeupango.org-we'd love to share them!
  • Record it! The best way to keep yourself motivated is to write down or enter your data online or phone your results to our support team. You can record your results daily or enter your totals at the end of two weeks.
  • Every two weeks we will publish the standings on our online competition platform. Will your team be number one in 1, 2, or all 3 categories? (weight loss, exercise, steps)

Moving Forward, Use the Online Features to Meet Your Goals!

  • Track your plans on your calendar.
  • Track your nutrition intake-see how many calories and grams of fat you eat in a day.
  • Use your cell phone and SMS-Text Messaging to send yourself reminders to stay motivated.


Call Shape Up & Go! Customer Support at 1-877-881-0085
Visit the Shape Up & Go! Website at http://www.shapeupandgo.org
Visit the Employee Wellness website at http://www.cchs.net/wellness